Exhibiting Desconocida Unknown Ukjent @ Rubin Center, El Paso and Juarez Contemporary, Juarez

Feb 16th - June 16th 2017

Exhibition across US/Mexico border, live webconnection, sharing the fight against abuse and murders of women



2009 - 2011

A daily objective study of pain knotting knots in thin silk thread.

faces and hands 4

Faces and Hands by Harald Gunnar Paalgard

12 min video by Harald Gunnar Paalgard, filmed during workshops at Hå mottakssenter

dear detlj 2, Hani


Textile sculpture, including 75 cards with texts from people living in different Refuge camps in Norway (Oslo, Dikemark and Hå)

1 hands and flags

Hands and Flags


Site specific installation of textile and 150 drawings made by people living at Hå mottak center

34 Cruelty version II, red H

Cruelty Has a Human Heart, version II

2015 - 2016

5 pieces, two sided work, made of layers of brown paper, acrylic paint, handembroidered texts, linen thread, beca thread, wood

5 orange ....installasjonsbilde

Orange (Counting in progress…)


Site specific installation

20 daughter

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent in Ciudad Juarez, El Paso and Mexico City

May 21st - June 4th 2016

Two week travel: solidarity, awareness, protest, and embroidery workshops in collaboration with local activists, families and journalists


Exhibition of Cruelty Has a Human Heart in Ullersmo prison

March 15th - end of april(?)

Stop #9 on project´s dialogue tour to different public spaces

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent, detail label

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent

2006 - ongoing

A global mass collaboration, protesting continuing murders of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Approximately 7900 hand embroidered nametags (by June 2016). Each 2 x 8 cm, stitched by 4800 individuals in about 500 globally arranged workshops


Cruelty Has a Human Heart – 83 objects for sale supporting the fight against extremism and organization JustUnitys work

August 29th - September 7th

Textile objects for sale supporting JustUnitys work to prevent and stop radicalization and extremism


Exhibiting “Cruelty Has a Human Heart” in Public Spaces

2014 - 2016

Please contact me at if you are interested hearing more about this tour – as a possible participator in conversations or for a visit of the project.

4 forarbeid

Book: “Cruelty Has a Human Heart”

October 2014

Art book – for sale in Oslo at Tronsmo bookstore, Bookstore at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Norli bookstore Universitetsgaten, Torpedo Bookstore at Kunstnernes Hus; In Moss at House of Foundation and Gallery F15

2 Cruelty Has a Human Heart 1 et

Cruelty Has a Human Heart

2013 - 2014

Collaboration with philosopher Lars Fr. H Svendsen

Skjermbilde 2014-06-26 kl. 11.16.15 PM

Humming – an invitation to “join me” for a walk…


I go for a walk in my neighborhood. I dont have other plans for my stroll than to walk and gather my thoughts as I move about..



2006 - ongoing, performed at openings of Desconocida Unknown Ukjent

A performance, using voice and silence, held at each exhibition opening where Desconocida Unknown Ukjent is installed.

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About Lise Bjørne Linnert:

I am interested in art´s possibility to be a voice that can bring challenging or unpalatable questions closer, not to provide definitive answers but in order to enable reflection. My projects often take place over a longer period of time, in which investigating materials and theme are core elements.

Process, projects, performance, photography, drawing, textile, installations…