Project Sting to participate in Silent Space – Intensified Integreties @Nordic House, Iceland, Nov 7th, 2017


Happy to participate in Silent Space – Intensified Integreties with a new project “Sting” developed during 2017 and still in porgress. It consists of several parts, in this exhibition the installation will consist of:  a video, made in collaboration with Harald Gunnar Paalgard, a sewn diary, 15 – 20 single “diary drawings” on bleached and colored paper, 21 x 15cm, all sewn with black silk threads.

From 2009 – 2011, I knotted knots in silk thread every day as a way to investigate physical pain. It resulted in 65 299 Knots – a pain registry and 92 framed “knots on weekplans- drawings”. Over some time now I have used the same silk thread to explore stitching lines in a diary, on single papers, on a coming sculpture – to translate, escape or calm the constant noise rumbling my mind…onset by another personal story.

The exhibition opens on Nov 7th. More information will be posted shortly

sting 16