Breath drawings – Breath rayographs (2006 - 2009/2016)

A series of performance-drawings exploring breath, emotions and trace; capturing the breath´s power and volume. Using light-sensitive paper, Mylar drawing foil, or directly onto wall.


Black and white photographs, made directly in the darkroom without the use of camera.
Each 177 x 102cm.


Breath Rayographs, are produced directly in the darkroom without the use of camera. The method is inspired by the American DADA artist Man Ray’s photographic technique, developed in 1919. In the darkroom my performance of breathing and shouting into ash placed on light-sensitive paper are captured by the light and developed by means of the conventional procedure used for black-and-white photography. The photographs, which are in 1:1 format, show traces of my body and the working process; my hands, knees and mouth can be seen as empty, dark contours where the ash has been prevented from further movement by these physical obstacles.
“The series of images breath rayographs exposes traces of the artist’s breath, or screams, on light sensitive paper, which has subsequently been exposed in the dark room. What the viewer sees on the image is the silence after the sound or the activity. It is the echo that is left on the paper, an absence of sound reminding us of a former presence. The absence is materialized in these images.” Camilla Eeg – Tverbakk, writer and curator (from commissioned text for White Noise)