Cruelty Has a Human Heart / Cruelty Has a Human Heart – exhibition Hå gamle prestegard

Collaboration with philosopher Lars Fr. H Svendsen

Sept 3rd - Oct 9th

From September 3rd to October 9th, both floors at Nye løa are in use. In August the installation Cruelty Has a Human Heart was exhibited at Hå mottaksenter (Center for refugees and asylum seekers), 15 minutes walk from Hå gamle prestegard. During that period I was there for two weeks giving workshops exploring drawing and text as ways for expression. The result, both drawings and texts, are installed on the second floor in Løa, in dialog with new work I have made specifically for the room. Cinematographer Harald Paalgard was filming the workshop and has made the video: “Faces and hands” in response. He has also three photos from series “Travels” installed in the first floor. The photos are based on scanned origional dias from Paalgards two travels with 43 years in between; one to South America in 1973 and one to Turkey in 2015.

List of work exhibited:

1st floor:

Cruelty Has a Human Heart,  83 embroidered textiles, var dimensions

83 Objects for sale supporting the fight against radikalization and organization JustUnitys work, for more information look here

Uten tittel # 1, 7 and  8 (from Series Travel) (2016) by Harald Gunnar Paalgard, Digitale print on 310g baryttpaper, on aluminium, oak frame, Uv glass, each 2 x 120cm, edition of 5


Orange (counting in progress), site specific installation, dim variable. For more information look here

2nd floor:

Hands and Flags, site specific installation, drawings and textile. Size of textile : 900 x 800 x 700cm. For more information see here

Dear…, textile sculpture, (300 x 400 x 475 x 60 cm) More information see here

Cruelty Has a Human Heart, version II (2015 – 2016) (5 pieces, variable height 120 – 160 cm x 130 cm) For more information see here

News…installation, collage (170 x 400 cm) For more information see here

Faces and Hands, 12 min video. For more information see here