Cruelty Has a Human Heart - exhibition Hå gamle prestegard / Cruelty Has a Human Heart, version II

Both floors at Nye løa, including new works in dialogue with texts and drawings from people living at Hå mottakcenter

2015 - 2016


I colored the textiles for the 83 quotes, the core of the project, with acrylic paint and hang them to dry over layers of brown paper. This paper, with the long dripping history of the textiles drying above, is now the starting point for this version of Cruelty Has a Human Heart. The paper, in total, 5 pieces, (height 140 – 160 cm x length 130 cm ) has on its side without paint, all the quotes written in a continuing order, each quote has then been embroidered with the same colored thread as the origional textile qoutes.