Cruelty Has a Human Heart - exhibition Hå gamle prestegard / Faces and Hands by Harald Gunnar Paalgard

Both floors at Nye løa, including new works in dialogue with texts and drawings from people living at Hå mottakcenter

Sound, photo, editing: Harald Gunnar Paalgard

While we worked on our drawings, Harald Paalgard was invisibly present filming the process. He often used an office chair with wheals to queitly slide among us, capturing faces and hands, resulting in a 12 min video, his response to being there and meeting  the participants.

Everyone said yes to be filmed. Present in the video are:

Hani, Amir, Ali  A, Mushref, Dilansheen, Mirveen, Haiveen, Ahmad H, Tamer, Reman, Osman, Basim, Akram, Guavara, Mihye, Ahmad D, Tarek, Khaled, Nichirvan, Arjan, Khalid, Yousif, Dilal,  Ali R

A short version of the video is available  here: