Cruelty Has a Human Heart / Cruelty Has a Human Heart – 83 objects for sale supporting the fight against extremism and organization JustUnitys work

Collaboration with philosopher Lars Fr. H Svendsen

August 29th - September 7th

I have created 83 textile objects in relation to the project Cruelty Has a Human Heart. Each object is numbered and the number refers back to the same numbered embroidered quote in the installation -  visually and in relation to the quote´s content. The object is made of textiles; linen and cotton canvas, colored through baths in acrylic paint, hand stitched using silk, linen or wool thread, attached to untreated oak plates. Each 40 x 28cm.

The objects can further be framed in a specially build oak case. Information about the quote  is written on the plate, and each peace signed. Each sold object includes the projects book Cruelty Has a Human Heart.

More information about JustUnity here

Please contact me:, if you are interested in more information or want to see/buy an object.

Sold objects by July 2017: #1, #2, #7,  #8, #16, #18, #19, #33, #51, #80