NI EN MORE – WEAR THE FIGHT – currently fundraising


NI EN MORE – wear the fight

NI EN MORE is a non-profit social innovation project and clothing brand, a collaborative project across borders that merges political activism, fashion and art.

We, a group of women from Cd. Juarez, Mexico; Oslo, Norway; Houston and NYC, USA are establishing a sewing studio in Cd Juárez, Mexico that will be a resilient workspace, where local women affected by violence, produce handmade one-of-a-kind garments. Our goal is to have the studio self sufficiant within 2020.

The garments we make will reach customers internationally with a message: a story tag with information about the situation for women in Cd. Juárez and a protest badge to wear. All profits will be reinvested in the sewing studio and the workers’ communities.

Buying NI EN MORE’s unique work will make a marked difference in many lives, especially the women and their families.

Your can support us and read more here: