Colors for equality

Workshop with children and youth
A collaboration with AKS (After scholl care) Møllergata school and Tenthaus Oslo.
Workshops, exhibition and performances

All the children in 4th level at Møllergata school are invited to take part in a 5 days’ workshop, using natural dyes from plants and withered flowers to create attention to empowerment and equality.
The children explore imprints and colors from nature, creates their own T-shirts and logos, while we discuss issues of violence towards women, equality and UN 2030 goals. At Tenthaus Oslo, we have an exhibition from the process, the created T.shirts and use our textile test pieces to make a banner to protest violence. The banner (growing each year by new children´s engagement, will be exhibited at the school on 25th of November, UN international day to protest violence towards women. In a performance the children will show their T-shirts.

This is a workshop arranged yearly as a countdown to 2030.