From the cell´s inside is a collaborative project in progress. My collaborators are Elisabeth Thorsen, leading priest in Oslo Cathedral, and inmates at Ila high security prison and detention center. Our collaboration started when my installation «Cruelty Has a Human Heart» had its 11th stop in public space at Ila prison. Elisabeth came with me to arrange writing workshops for inmates in relation to exhibiting the quotes questioning and reflecting on cruelty. The workshop was run with short writing excercises, inspired by automatic writing, followed by reflections. We all participated on an equal level and shared our texts. Maybe because we all shared a feeling of communicating something immediate and «raw», the climate in the workshop quickly became open and filled with trust. The texts resulted in a reading at Oslo Cathedral during Easter, performed as part of a prayer. (accepted by the inmates). Now the texts are being embroidered, attached to worn out clothes and textiles from the prison.
Elisabeth and I will return in the fall to work with new groups, and the textile piece will grow into a sculptural form, hopefully formed and made in collaboration with the inmates. Final result? I dont know yet, the process will tell.