NI EN MORE - NI una más / ikke EN til / not one MORE – collaboration, 2017 - 2020

NI EN MORE – NI una más / ikke EN til / not one MORE is a collaboration between artists, fashion designers and human rights activists. We are setting up a small sewing studio in Cd Juárez, Mexico. The initiative comes from me after having worked closely with families and activists in Juarez through Desconocida Unknown Ukjent.

Key activities in NI EN MORE

• Collaboration between artists, fashion designers, experts in hand sewing/embroidery and activists, making unique line of textiles.

• Produce a line of clothes for women, in our small sewing studio in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Clothes designed for project by Norwegian Fashion designer Tine Mollatt, behind renowned brand byTiMo,

• The print and colors on each garment are created individually and result in a unique design. Its floral prints and colors are made using an eco- color technique, where vegetables, local plants and flowers, are placed on each garment individually forming its patterns and colors. The technique is taught our team by by New York based fashion designer and natural dyer Cara Maria Piazza,

• Create a sustainable production that will empower women working on the project, increase knowledge, and provide safe and good working conditions for all.

• Clothes will be sold internationally through a webshop. The webshop will be run from Oslo, by women coming to Norway as trafficking victims through collaborating with Kirkens bymisjon (Oslo Church City Mission).

• The final products ncludes a protest tag against violence towards women, made in global workshops, and share information about the outcome of empowerment.

• All sales profit will go to NI EN MORE sewing studio to strengthen local community in Cd. Juárez. We are collaborating with highly qualified local people to ensure the best use of any profit, such as Veronica Corchado, leader of NI EN MORE sewing studio and with 30 years experience in empowerment of women and Jane Terrazas, a young textile artist from Juárez, dedicating her art practice and time to fight for women´s rights

• Collaborating with UN Women and UN High commissioner for Human Rights, Mexico City

• See NI EN MORE website for more information.