POP UP for NI EN MORE and performance at Hovedøya Kunstsal, Oslo, June 6th @ 6PM


Participants in performance: Vibeke Hermanrud, Natalia R Krebs, Lise Bjørne Linnert, Lisa Pacini, Iselin Shumba, Helen og Amanda Kierulf Svane, Elisabeth Thorsen, children from Møllergata school, and more is coming.

Journalists, activists, women, men, youth and children from Cd Juarez, Mexico, have written short texts, poems, small testimonies from the city and their lives, read by various voices in the exhibition titled Utflukt / Excursion. The exhibition is curated by Inger-Johanne Rasmussen

The two Norwegain words forming Ut – flukt in Norwegian, translated to out and escape, provide interesting associations and readings related to Ciudad Juarez. Juarez borders the American city of El Paso. Before 1850, Juarez and El Paso were one city, belonging to Mexico. Now, Ciudad Juarez is a city of transition, a stop for many on the way to the US, hoping for a better future. With hundreds of factories located in the desert surrounding Juarez, people are also coming to get a job. A job producing for large American companies. Jobs without security, without fair payment, jobs done for maximum profit for the owners. Colonization in modern forms. It creates an atmosphere of restlessness and temporality. Through Juarez, tons of drugs are smuggled into the United States. Drugs controlled by the cartels, in war with eachother, and a human life means little. The word Femicides – killed because you are a woman, originates from Juarez

Isn’t an Utflukt/Excursion also about coming back home? 1.6 million people have their homes in Juarez. Their every-day-life, their stories, their support for each other and their fight for change. Come, listen and see.

NI EN MORE is a non-profit, social innovation project and clothing brand, merging human rights activism, fashion and art, proudly made in Cd Juarez, Mexico. Our mission is to create a sustainable, impactful business that will change the circumstances for a group of women in Cd Juarez that were once amongst the most vulnerable. Founded by Lise Bjørne Linnert( Oslo, Norway) Jane Terazzas and Veronica Corchado (Ciudad Juarez Mexico) For more information please visit www.nienmore.com