PRESENCE, 2006 - ongoing, performed at openings of Desconocida Unknown Ukjent


«Presence» was developed and performed first time in 2006, at the opening of Frontera 450+, Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas, an exhibition dedicated to the women of Juarez.
With intention of insisting on presence, I hold one note load, without using words or referring to music, in intervals with varied length of silence. When faced with purely the voice and the sound of one note, unable to relate the sound to music, lyrics or other interpretations, the audience ‘s defense system is lowered and we are left more vulnerable. This setting forces us to become more present and a connection can be established. Our voice, just as our fingerprints, is unique to each individual. Our voice helps to ground us and it’s tone reveals more than the words we choose to employ.
Presence is a way to connect and recognize the strength and vulnerability in all of us. In so doing, we not only honor ourselves, but also the strength of the women of Juárez, and the manner in which they, and others experiencing related struggles, endure.
The performance at the opening of Frontera 450+, included a collaboration with the performing artist Elia Acre, from Central America. The performance opened Luleå Summer Biennial in 207. Ulla Lyttkens, performing artist from Luleå collaborated with me. In this performance I also included electronic sound, made live during the performance. The volume gradually increased, coming from hidden speakers along the ceiling.
In 2009 for the exhibition at University for Creative Arts in Epsom, UK I made the a sound installation based on the performance. From 2009 until 2011 I did the performance live with only me as performer. In 2011 I developed the project further inviting a choreographer and dancer, Runa Rebne, to collaborate with me. This resulted in the performance Ukjent.