2017 - ongoing

In the ongoing project Sting, I am interested in the use of stitches (in Norwegian translates to sting) as a way to translate, escape or calm the constant noise rumbling my mind. A noice coming from something personal, currently going on in my life, combined with external noise – the worry for us – the immigration crises, the walls and divisions, right wings growing in correlataion to the increasing people in need…

I translate the chaos of thoughts, worry, sadness and sometimes anger and despair into lines made by thin silk threads. I work when the feeling arises, in my «diary», which also consists of single papers I have prepared with dyes or bleached. I work until the sense of chaos is released and my thoughts somewhat sorted.

I am interested in seeing the same «personal line language» enlarged and expressed sculpturally, such as on a 40 m2 textile, made up of used sails and flags. A physical hard and slow task, that I have just started on. More images will come as the project develops.

A selection of Sting was included in a group exhibition at the Nordic House on Iceland, last year. Images attached. I made a video in collaboration with Harald Paalgard. The use of thread to explore something personal is not new in my practice. From 2009 – 2011, I knotted knots in the same silk thread every day as a way to investigate physical pain. It resulted in 65 299 Knots – a pain registry and 92 framed “knots on week plan-drawings”