Stories in a breath

Workshops and commissioned work Ullersmo prison
Pilot project spring – summer 2019
Project period: Sept 2019 – Jan 2021
A collaboration with priest Elisabeth Thorsen

For the next 1,5 year I will work with a large number of inmates at Ullersmo prison, using text and a darkroom as means to explore creative ways of expression and reflection. hoping to leave the inmates with tools to continue express on their own. The work will also become a permanent installation in the prison.

In the darkroom we are using breath and ashes as means of expression, building from my previous work Breath drawings, On a light sensitive paper the participants sprinkle ashes. Within him he holds a story, a word, an expression that informs his choice of breathing out. The breath moves the ashes and an imprint is made. Light is turned on and the moment’s outbreath and its content is captured.

For the text workshop I am collaborating with Elisabeth Thorsen, priest in Oslo Cathedral and a wonderful lecturer in creative writings.

Before the final installation in the prison the work will be shared with the public on the «outside» in different ways, reaching audiences in the public space.
I will regularly share from the process.